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Selection process

The selection process is carried out by a standing ad hoc Selection Commission appointed by the Rector of the Scuola.
The selection will be performed by titles evaluation on the basis of candidates’ application forms and the over mentioned attachments.
The Selection Commission will select the applicants by awarding up to 100 points to their
qualifications (curriculum and titles) according to the following criteria:

  • Academic curriculum (average of grades of all exams, grade of the final exam – if applicable – consistency of the curriculum and dissertation topic with the contents of the Course Programme): up to 60 points;
  • Relevant professional experience in the field: up to 15 points;
  • Knowledge of English: up to 5 points;
  • Motivational statement: up to 20 points.

The first 30 candidates who have been awarded an overall score of at least 70 out of 100 points will be considered eligible to attend the Summer School.
In case of equal ranking in the assessment phase, preference will be given to the younger candidates.
At the end of the selection procedure the records of the selection process and the list of successful applicants will be approved with an official act of the Rector of the Scuola.
The list of the 30 admitted candidates will be published, together with a reserve list, on the web-site of the Scuola (  > Advanced Education > Educational Offer > In Progress).
Communication will be sent by e-mail only to the admitted candidates.

Successful applicants who are citizens of non-EU member states and who reside outside Italy, are strongly advised to immediately contact the Italian Embassy or consular authorities in their country of residence (for the addresses please see: in order to apply for a visa.

The Scuola cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by selected applicants if the course is canceled because the minimum number of participants (15) is not reached.