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Our students of the first edition


After Nadine graduated with her BA in Social Sciences from Augsburg University in 2011, she set out to widen her scientific background with a MSc in International Financial and Political Relations at Loughborough University, as a scholarship holder of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). After graduating with distinction from Loughborough in 2012, Nadine went back to Augsburg to start a PhD in the field of crisis decision making, while at the same time beginning her career at the Innovation Management of KUKA as a working student. There her passion for robotics and all topics connected to the social and economical impact of robotics evolved. After 2,5 years the professional swimmer decided to fully concentrate her efforts on working and started in the project office of the Corporate Research department at KUKA Roboter in September 2015.



My name is Elena De Benedetti. I'm a last year Law student at University of Milan - Bicocca.I graduated in Languages at Carlo Porta High School where I studied English, Spanish and German. I am truly passionate about travelling and reading. In my spare time I volunteer for ABIO, an association that provides help and keeps company to children in hospitals. I have a keen interest for the legal side of technology and for human rights.



I grew up in France in a bilingual environment. After school, I went to study Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. I then obtained an MSc in Cognition in Science and Society at the University of Edinburgh and am now back in Paris, where I am undertaking a Phd on the computational modelling of ethical reasoning at the computer science lab of the UPMC University.




I'm Riccardo Berto and I'm an italian young lawyer from Civitanova Marche (MC). I obtained a law degree in law at University of Macerata in 2014. From the same year, I work in the law firm of Francesco Cicconi which focuses on company law, intellectual property, commercial law, international contract administration, M & A and labour law. Meanwhile I give my cooperation in strategic consulting firm as Medin Euorope sprl in Brussels and LF Consulting srl in Milan with the role of young co-worker on lobbying and european regulation in the transport sector.



Felix Boon is a trainee solicitor working in Glasgow, Scotland. He previously worked for a number of years at a large insurance company. He studied law at the University of Strathclyde. He has a Masters in Human Rights law. He is particularly interested in the role of Human Rights law in promoting responsible innovation



Born in Naples in 1992, she studied law at Federico II University and graduated with full marks and cum laude in civil law with a thesis in European data protection and privacy. She is attending a PhD in civil and labour law at Federico II University, with special concerning on surveillance through automatic sensors. She is a researcher of the Italian Academy of the Internet Code. She is part of the editorial staff of the online-journal “Law, Market and Technology”. She’s a sport lover! In fact, for years she has been a water polo player.



Born in Italy, in Caserta. I obtained a Master degree in Law from Second University of Naples. During my undergraduate degree i studied abroad as an Erasmus student. I spent one year in Germany, six months at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and six months at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster. I am currently working as a Lawyer in a Law Firm “ Studio legale Leanza” in Naples focusing on medical liability and I am attending a II level University Master Course “Direzione delle Aziende e delle Organizzazioni Sanitarie “ at University of Salerno.



Kai Eggers is a 28 year-old electrical engineer from Hannover, Germany. He currently works as a PhD Student at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems/Leibniz Universität Hannover. His research mainly focuses on energy saving methods for industrial robots, such as improving the path and process planning or the cell design for single robots and/or robot cells.



Maria Cristina Gaeta is a Ph.D. student in People, Business and Market Law at University of Naples Federico II and a trainee lawyer too. She is also a teaching assistant of Civil Law and New Technologies Law at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples and of Private Law at University of Naples Federico II. Gaeta graduated in law in October 2014 at the Suor Orsola Benincasa with 110/110 cum laude. She defended a civil law thesis about autonomous vehicle and liability and she was awarded the “Laureati Eccellenti” Ateneapoli Prize and the “Lorenzo Argenti” University of Parma Prize. Maria Cristina has good communication skills and team spirit.



Morgane Legrand is parliamentary assistant to Mady Delvaux-Stehres, Luxemburgish member of the European Parliament. She is responsible for the Committee on Legal Affairs in which an INI-report on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is under procedure. She studied European Law in Utrecht University and Comparative Law in EUCOR University of Strasbourg-Basel-Freiburg.



Antti Lyyra is a PhD candidate in the Information Systems and Digital Innovation research group in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research interests include the organising logic and digitalisation of environmental and behavioural models as well as innovation and industry dynamics in the area of social and service robotics. Before joining LSE, he worked in technology and management consulting in technical and managerial positions after receiving a master’s degree in information systems from Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki.



Arianna Marchente graduated in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Milan in 2012, with a thesis on globalization and democracy in the thought of Jacques Derrida. In April 2016 she defended her doctoral thesis in Human Sciences at the University of Trieste. In her PhD she focused on the theoretical, ethical and political implications of the concept of "autoimmunity" between biopolitics and deconstruction. She collaborates with the University of Milan as assistant and in addition with several online newspapers.



Luis De Miranda Is currently writing his PhD at the University of Edinburgh on the genealogy of esprit de corps. He is director of the Crag, The Creation of Reality Group, and the anthrobotics cluster. Previously, Luis, born in Portugal, was living in France, where he authored several books, novels or essays, including a cultural history of computers (L'art d'être libres au temps des automates).



My name is Veronika Pustomytenko and as for today I study L.L.M. Program in European and International Business Law at the University of Vienna. I have a keen interest in Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law and in prospective want to devote my career to these areas. Originally I’m from Ukraine, where I got my Bachelor Diploma specialized in public prosecution. In search for more creativity, I’ve changed the vector of my education and so now live and study in Vienna. I define myself as an open and cooperative person, who is not afraid of challenges.



Lawyer, from Pavia: since 2010 I studied Law, Neuroscience and Robotics, combining them with a unique multidisciplinary viewpoint. From high school to University I was student worker and I did a lot of different job: Police Officer, Commercial Manager, Notary trainee and Attorney. I traveled a lot and lived in China, U.S. and Europe. I am a curious and creative person and I love sharing ideas in multicultural environments. Curiosities: in 2011 I went alone and completely on foot from Pavia to Santiago de Compostela (3000 km). In 2009/2010 I did 19 university examination in one year.



My name is Valentina Trombetta and I have a Bachelor’s degree in “Philosphy and theory of communication processes” at the University of L’Aquila and a Master’s degree in “Philosophies of knowledge: science, politics and communication” at the La Sapienza (Rome). At the moment I am working as a Phd student at the University of Freiburg. My topic is about decision-making, a manifold cognitive process that involves a neurological, psychological and philosophical explanation. These different features are analyzed in human beings as well as in simulated systems. I am interested about the epistemological and moral implications of the Robotics research.




I am Marijana Trstenjak, a lawyer from Croatia. I have obtained my masters of law degree at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law. After I passed the bar exam at the Croatian Ministry of Justice in 2015, I have decided to continue my studies in Vienna, Austria. I am currently finishing a postgraduate LLM programme in European and International Business Law at the University of Vienna, Faculty of Law. Participating in the latter, I had the opportunity to deal substantially with Intellectual Property Law and I have been focusing on it, especially on Patent Law. Therefore, I look forward to being part of this International Summer School which will be dealing with such fascinating subject matter of my particular interest.



I was born in Lecce (Italy) on 26.01.1991. In September 2010 I enrolled at University of Pisa Law School. During my studies I have developed a strong interest on Private Law, Law&Economics and Law&Technologies. On 29.09.2015 I graduated with an experimental thesis on the environmental damage focused on the notions of private enforcement and the Italian pene private. From January to June 2016 I worked in a Law Firm based in Dublin dealing with Italian and Irish civil procedure. At the moment I am conducting a research about the impact of cryptography and distributed ledgers on formal and informal institutions.