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FEE: The total cost for the Course is EUR 600,00 (six hundred).
The cost includes tuition fee, reference material and lunch on class days.
Any other expenses – such as visa, accommodation and travel costs, etc. - are to be covered by the participants.
Payment can be made through bank transfer to the following account: Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, UNICREDIT BANCA S.p.A., branch of Pisa, Garibaldi 1, IBAN code IT 32 O 02008 14006 000401272765; BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1G12, description of payment: “Participant Name and Surname/Summer School Robotics”
In accordance with art. 9 paragraph 2 of Decree No 68/2012, students with disabilities greater than or equal to 66%, recognized pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 1, of Law 104/1992, are exempted from the payment of the tuition fee.
A reduction of 1.5% for each percentage point of disability is applied to those students with disabilities less than 66%.
The student with disabilities who intends to make use of the exemption or reduction of the tuition fee shall attach a suitable certification in the on-line application.

SCHOLARSHIP: One full waiver will be made available to the student that qualifies first in the admission selection on the grounds of merit.
Other full waivers might be made available pursuant to a discretionary assessment by the Selection Committee, in case existing financial resources are deemed sufficient.